Front End Bites: Issue 15

Generating Wireframe Boxes with CSS and HTML5

I was recently noodling around with some new layout ideas for An Event Apart’s speaker pages (e.g., Chris Coyier’s or Jen Simmons’) and wanted to share the ideas with other members of the team. But what I really wanted to show was wireframes to convey basic arrangement of the pieces, since I hadn’t yet done any time polishing details.

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JavaScript Performance Optimization Tips: An Overview

We’ll try to stick to the “Tools, not rules” mantra and keep the JS buzzwords to a minimum. Since we won’t be able to cover everything related to JS performance in a 2000 word article, make sure you read the references and do your own research afterwards.

Front End Bites: Issue 14

Front End Bites: Issue 13

I haven’t experienced imposter syndrome, and maybe you haven’t either

In the course of my day at work I will often wonder if the next bug is the bug that will finish me. I am acutely aware of and could instantly list for you 15 things about the CodePen codebase that I should probably know more about to do a better job of my role.

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Naming Things In CSS Grid Layout

When first learning how to use Grid Layout, you might begin by addressing positions on the grid by their line number. This requires that you keep track of where various lines are on the grid, and also be aware of the fact the line numbers reverse if your site is displayed for a right-to-left language.

Front End Bites: Issue 12

Front End Bites: Issue 11

Implementing A Pure CSS Collapsible

Collapsible widgets are a popular way to create sections of content that can contract and expand. There are a ton of different implementations out there. Here, thanks to checkbox input elements, label elements and the :checked pseudo-selector, we’ll be able create such widget without the need for extra JavaScript.

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Front End Bites: Issue 10

More notch chat – pragmatically working around the iPhoneX

I’m not sure what it is with web front-end dev, that most of the time we’re happy to hit a button in Chrome devtools and tick the box in JIRA to say that the site was checked in multiple Android devices having never considered trying a real device.

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Front End Bites: Issue 009

Front End Bites: Issue 008

Is there any value in people who cannot write JavaScript?

I want to be very clear and upfront: this is not a CSS vs JS post. If you are looking for another one of those, stop reading this now. This post is not about something being better, it’s about people and expectations.

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Front End Bites: Issue 007

Front End Bites: Issue 006